Thursday, April 30, 2015

Law Enforcement Sources Say Freddie Gray Suffered Head Injury In Police Transport Van - An investigation into the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray has found no evidence that his fatal injuries were caused during his videotaped arrest and interaction with police officers, according to multiple law enforcement sources.

Sources said the medical examiner found Gray's catastrophic injury was caused when he slammed into the back of the police transport van, apparently breaking his neck; a head injury he sustained matches a bolt in the back of the van.

Details surrounding exactly what caused Gray to slam into the back of the van were unclear. The officer driving the van has yet to give a statement to authorities. It’s also unclear whether Gray’s head injury was voluntary or was a result of some other action.

The Medical Examiner's Office declined to comment on this open investigation and said it does not release preliminary findings.

Protesters Take Over Fulton Ave In Baltimore -  It has been a very tense week here in Baltimore. Thousands have been hitting the streets to express outrage over the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody. Above is a clip from a peaceful demonstration on Fulton Ave.

Police Complete Freddie Gray Investigation, City Prosecutors Will Review Findings - Baltimore Police said Thursday they have "exhausted every lead" in their investigation into the death of Freddie Gray and have turned the case over to city prosecutors.

The announcement did not bring disclosure of any reports or findings. Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts noted that the case was wrapped a day before his self-imposed deadline of May 1, which he said demonstrated the agency's sense of urgency around the case.

"I understand the frustration, I understand the sense of urgency, and so has the organization, and that is why we finished a day ahead of time," Batts told reporters. "I also know that getting to the right answer is more important than speed."

State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby will ultimately determine whether charges will be brought against any of the six suspended officers involved in Gray's arrest, and she has not set a timetable for that decision.

In a statement, Mosby confirmed that she had received the files but stressed that her investigation is independent of police.

"While we have and will continue to leverage the information received by the department, we are not relying solely on their findings but rather the facts that we have gathered and verified," Mosby said. "We ask for the public to remain patient and peaceful and to trust the process of the justice system."

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore Riots Lead to 202 Arrests, 159 Fires

BALTIMORE — Residents of neighborhoods hit by rioting and arson turned out Tuesday morning to begin clearing their streets of debris as hundreds of rifle-toting National Guard members began deploying here, lining one of the city’s main thoroughfares and taking up posts around a police station in western Baltimore that had been the scene of earlier protests.

At Pennsylvania and West North Avenues, where a CVS drugstore was looted and burned, residents with donated brooms were out in force. State police troopers in riot gear were lined up in a human barrier across the intersections, and a crowd of peaceful residents gathered, singing and chanting.

One of those with a broom was Clarence Cobb, 48, who lives in the neighborhood and came on his bike. “It don’t make no sense,” Mr. Cobb said of the damage by rioters. “It’s comes to a point where you got to take pride in your own neighborhood.”

After surveying riot-scarred parts of Baltimore, Gov. Larry Hogan vowed Tuesday that “we’re not going to have another repeat of what happened last night,” promising a much heavier presence from the police and the National Guard.

“Criminal activity will not be tolerated,” Mr. Hogan said at a noon news conference. “We’re going to be sure to bring in whatever resources are necessary.”

In addition to the city’s own 3,000 officers, “we’ve got a couple of thousand” Guard troops and officers from other agencies, including the State Police, the governor said, and “the Guard is calling up another thousand who will be here by tonight.”

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, facing questions about the speed and strategy behind Monday night’s police response, said the “armchair quarterbacking and second-guessing” were understandable.

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