Tuesday, August 1, 2017

12 Alabama Inmates Escape Prison Using Peanut Butter

RadioOnFire.com - Twelve prisoners managed to escape an Alabama correctional facility using peanut butter on Sunday night, July 30. By midday, Monday, eleven of those who got away were confirmed to have been captured, while one remains on the lam.
It is reported that the group of inmates had successfully collaborated to dupe a new guard by fooling him into believing an exit door was a cell, by using the peanut spread. "They changed the number over the door with peanut butter," Walker County Sherriff James Underwood told a local news media outlet. "Then they hollered, 'Hey, open door' so-and-so, but the number the inmates gave the worker was the outside door.
The eleven men who have since been returned to the population of 250 in Walker County Jail were all netted within eight hours of the jailbreak. They were all detained on foot, although it is suspected that some might have been able to flag rides, as they were taken in a bit further away in the Jasper area. Still at large is 24-year-old Brady Andrew Kilpatrick of Cordova, who was behind bars for drug paraphernalia and marijuana possession charges.
Source: cnn.com

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