Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Boosie Says He's Cutting Off His Brother and Other Family Over Recent Theft

RadioOnFire.com - Boosie BadAzz broke his silence on reports that surfaced over the weekend of his brother Taquari Hatch allegedly stealing $361,000 from his Capital One bank account. On Monday, July 31, the Baton Rouge rapper took to Instagram to reveal that the situation is now in the laws hands and to express hope that the funds will soon be replaced. He also declared that he is disowning his brother and his brother's family, stating that there are just some things he is not the type to look past.
"This some real f**ed up s*** but you learn from your mistakes," Boosie wrote. In the post's caption, he reinforced how personal he has taken the news, noting, "I'm a different type n people who know me know that "I don't forgive r forget" that was my kids money."

Boosie's tone would indicate that he is not buying his brother's claim of innocence. Taquari hopped on Instagram one day after the story broke to dispute that he had any involvement in the incremental withdrawal of the exorbitant amount. "All it's gonna take is a little time for me to clear my name," he said, before posing that "stuff like IP addresses don't lie."

Source: Twitter

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