Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fox News Guest: Confederate Flag and LGBTQ Flag Are the Same Exact Thing - Everyone has been commenting on the tragedy that went down in Charlottesville, Virginia. Along with that, the nation has seen numerous states removing Confederate flags and monuments. Since then, hosts on Fox News’ Fox & Friends have taken to the show to discuss recent events involving white supremacists, Donald Trump’s condemning then defending of them, and the Confederate flag.
Author Star Parker was a guest on the show and ended up comparing the LGBTQ flag to the Confederate flag. The author noted that anger of the flag is ironic, saying: “But you know what’s really interesting and really incredible irony here is the same people that are demanding that the Confederate flag comes down are the same people that are insisting that the rainbow flag goes up. These two flags represent the exact same thing. That certain people groups are not welcome here. So if Nancy Pelosi wants to say that we’re going to start shutting down First Amendment rights of a certain group of people, then what happens the next time that the homosexuals want to walk through an American city and protest and counter protesters come out?” Watch above.

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