Monday, August 14, 2017

Jeff Sessions Says Charlottesville Incident Was "Domestic Terrorism" - Previously, a white supremacist was charged with killing a protester in Charlottesville, Virginia. The man, whose name is James Fields Jr., took his Dodge Challenger and rammed into a crowd protesters who were speaking out on anti-hate. In the midst of that, he killed a 32-year-old woman. Since then, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has spoken on the matter, saying it may be a form of terrorism. While speaking to ABC News’ Good Morning America, Sessions said, “It does meet the definition of domestic terrorism in our statute. We are pursuing it in the [Justice Department] in every way that we can make a case.”
Sessions went on to say that the department is looking to hit Fields with as many charges as possible, saying: “You can be sure we will charge and advance the investigation towards the most serious charges that can be brought because of this unequivocally an unacceptable evil attack.” Sessions’ address of the terroristic act comes after Trump said that the blame for the incident was “on many sides” without calling out specific hate groups.

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