Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lisa Bloom Slams Fat Shaming of Her Client in Usher Lawsuit - Many people reacted with disbelief after a woman claiming to have had sex with Usher gave a press conference discussing the encounter.
Quantasia Sharpton appeared along with her lawyer Lisa Bloom in front of reporters Monday. Claiming to have met the singer after one of his shows when she was 19, Sharpton expressed her dismay that he didn't reveal at the time he had herpes.
The reaction online to the woman's claims was intense, with a lot of folks pointing out that someone super famous like Usher would never hook up with a large woman like Sharpton. Comedian Lil Duval was particularly harsh in expressing his incredulity. "I'll believe Usher gay before I believe he f**ked that girl," Duval wrote on Instagram.
The large amount of chatter attacking Sharpton over her weight culminated with her lawyer addressing it on Twitter.
"The cruel fat shaming my client has experienced is sick. Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, sexy and desired," attorney Lisa Bloom wrote Tuesday.

Check out the tweet above.

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