Sunday, August 6, 2017

Man Allegedly Killed by 4 Strippers After Helping Them Change a Flat Tire - Recently, four adult entertainers turned themselves over to authorities after fatally shooting a Missouri man who helped them change a flat tire. According to Mississippi County police, Johniesha Simmons, 19, Brittany Curry, 28, Ponesha Taylor, 23, and Lauteshia Dotson, 23, were charged Thursday (August 3) with first-degree murder, armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon in connection with the death of Ralph Cross on August 1st.
Based on reports, 55-year old Ralph Cross helped the group of women from Memphis and Nashville with a flat tire. While working on the car, Cross allowed the women to stay at his home. The women remained in the home until Tuesday when Cross' body was found with a gunshot to his back.
Police said the group of women killed Cross after stealing from him. A witness reportedly saw three women argue with Cross outside as one sat in the fixed car. Moments later, the witness heard a loud noise and saw the three women enter the waiting car, driving away.
Family and friends convinced the group to turn themselves over to police after surveillance footage was released to the public. While none of the women have taken responsibility for the murder, each is being held without bond.

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