Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New Report Claims That Usher Doesn't Have Herpes

RadioOnFire.com - Recently, reports surfaced that Usher was being sued by multiple accusers who claim the singer did not give a heads up that he allegedly had herpes before having sexual intercourse. One accuser filed a $20 million lawsuit against the singer for allegedly infecting her with herpes. Along with that, a man has accused Usher as well. The most recent news in the Usher saga came from an accuser named Quintasia Sharpton, who said she tested negative for herpes but alleges that the singer did not inform her that he had the STD. Now, according to SandraRose.com, Usher may not actually have herpes.
Previously, it was reported that Usher dished out $1.1 million in a 2012 settlement after the star allegedly apologized for giving the disease to the woman he was involved with. However, Sandra Rose is saying those reports are false, as sources close to Usher showed the website documents and photos that prove the singer did not pay the woman that amount of money. Along with that, it was reported that Usher and his team issued a $2,754 check to cover medical costs for the woman. However, the check was cut from an accounting firm as a payment for babysitting services in 2012 for Usher’s children.

Despite what seems to be new allegations arising every day, Usher’s wife Grace Raymond has stood by the singer’s side. The website noted that the singer is “quietly building a defamation case against everyone involved—including lawyers and accusers.”
Source: sandrarose.com

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