Tuesday, August 1, 2017

NY Jets' Safety Jamal Adams: Football Field Would Be the Perfect Place to Die

RadioOnFire.com - New York Jets' rookie safety, Jamal Adams, made some controversial comments at a recent fan forum at Jets' headquarters alongside NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. During the event, a fan posed a question for the commissioner regarding the link between degenerative brain disease and football. Goodell brought up the league's rule changes that have been put in place to make the game safer. But Jamal Adams made an objection to the league's ruling stating, “I’m all about making the game safer, but as a defensive player, I’m not a big fan of it... But I get it. I can speak for a lot of guys that play the game. We live and breathe. This is what we’re so passionate about.”
Adams continued, “Literally, I would — if I had a perfect place to die, I would die on the field.” This somewhat overzealous comment received applause from those in attendance but Goodell wasted little time in attempting to downplay Adams' comments. Goodell was quoted as saying, "What he was really making the point of is how much he loves the game and how passionate he is of the game — that he loves playing it, and it’s just something that means a great deal to him."
Check out Jamal Adams' comments in the clip above.
Source: New York Times

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