Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Spotify Reaches over 60 Million Subscribers Ahead of Going Public

RadioOnFire.com - Well, things have just got interesting in the streaming world. Spotify has just surpassed Apple with 60 million subscribers and they revealed it pretty smoothly too.
The streaming platform updated their subscriber information earlier today discreetly revealing that they added 10 million subscribers. Keep in mind, Spotify was at 50 million subscribers back in March. According to Billboard, this is Spotify's fastest 10 million subscriber gain. It took the streaming service roughly five and a half months to hit 50 million from 40 million.
Spotify has also reached licensing agreements with Universal Music Group & Sony. The new deals will allow UMG & Sony's artists to keep their music off of Spotify's free tier for a certain amount of time. These deals may also give Spotify a break from royalty payments.

With that being said, as Spotify celebrates their status as the largest streaming platform, Apple is not too far behind with 27 million paying subscribers.
Source: cnet.com

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