Monday, August 14, 2017

Usher Accuser Quantasia Sharpton Says She's Getting Death Threats - Usher lawsuit claimant Quantasia Sharpton has had a rough couple of weeks on social media. Reactions to her accusations that the singer exposed her to herpes, has gone from many questioning the likelihood of a star like him going out of this 19-year-old, to the news that her mother and sister have come out to insist that she is a scammer whose story ought to be disregarded. While much of the chatter is unbecoming and problematic, particularly as it concerns Sharpton's body image, it ought to be expected that anyone who comes into the public eye will be subject to foul remarks. But death threats are a whole other thing, and according to Sharpton, she's been getting so many of those that it has left her frightened and isolated.
"I've been getting so many death threats to me and my son I'm nervous to shop online now. I'm paranoid and just keep thinking what if the person that puts my order together takes down my address and fulfill their threats? I don't want to leave my house cause what if one is waiting for me to leave my apartment? It's just too much for me," she recently wrote on her Facebook page.

Since announcing via press conference that she was taking legal action for his failure to inform her of his alleged diagnosis, Usher has come out and refuted all claims made against him as they regard herpes because he now says, he doesn't have the STD.


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