Thursday, August 3, 2017

Website Using White Models to Sell "Angry Black Woman" T-Shirts - Many customers of Zazzle along with social media users are outraged after the company decided to use white models to wear and display a new line of t-shirts that feature phrases like “Black Girl Magic,” “Angry Black Woman,” and “Nappy.” Other shirts that white models wore on the website included “Unapologetically Black,” and “Melanin & Mascara.”

Zazzle issued a statement on the fiasco:
In the case of ‘Black Girl Magic’ T-shirts on the Zazzle website, each designer is shown a series of pre-posed randomized model shots upon which their design is placed. It’s always possible that gender, race and other attributes of the model do not match up to the specifics of the design, given the ratio of our millions of designs to the 100 or so T-shirt styles we offer. We’re working on an interim fix that doesn’t mismatch out-of-context content to models. At Zazzle, we’re committed to diversity and are working on increasing the diversity of the pre-posed model shots within the T-shirt range itself.
While the “interim fix” is taking place on Zazzle’s site, the shirts with white models wearing them can still be seen on their website.

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