Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jermaine Dupri Opens Up About Janet Jackson, Bow Wow, Usher + More

RadioOnFire.com - Super producer Jermaine Dupri stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk about the Rap Game, Growing Up Hip Hop, sets the record straight on Janet Jackson, Bow Wow, Usher herpes rumors, H&M and more. 

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Woman Sprays Herself with Acid and Lies By Saying a Black Woman Did It

RadioOnFire.com - A woman from Staten Island, NY suffered face wounds as a result of an acid attack according to her initial story. But after an in-depth police investigation, Lizzie Dunn's story turned up to be false. The Staten Island woman told police that she had been attacked and sprayed in the face with acid after a black woman asked her for money. Dunn said after telling the woman she had no money that she was grabbed by the shoulder, spun around, and had acid thrown in her face.

After allegedly being attacked, Dunn ran to a nearby deli where she frantically urged the owner to call 911. An employee of the deli told reporters, “We thought it was a prank at first, [...] She came in here, she was banging on the door, banging on the door. She was almost fainting and falling. … When I tell you it was absolutely horrible — it looks like her face is melting off.”

Dunn told CBS News, “It seemed like she was spraying a lot of times, like she had to keep pressing the nozzle, [...] With my right hand I tried to grab the can and knock it out of her hand, and with the left hand I was trying to shield whatever spray she was misting on me.”

Not long after the police investigation revealed that the story was false, Dunn fessed up and admitted to fabricating the account. As of now, the police have yet to come up with a viable motive but have found that Dunn has a history of self-inflicting wounds. No details as of yet if Dunn will be charged with anything.
Source: yahoo.com

Baltimore Police Search For Robbery Suspects After Shootout

RadioOnFire.com - Baltimore City police are currently searching for two robbery suspects.

Around 1:10 a.m. Tuesday, Citiwatch camera monitors spotted two men robbing the 7-Eleven store on North Charles Street and East Saratoga Street, according to police.

The two suspects opened fire on responding officers, police say, leading the officers to return fire. The officers were not hurt. Officials still don't know if the suspects were hit. WBAL's Scott Wykoff reports at least 60 shell casings were found on the scene and the shooting extended about three blocks.

Police are currently checking hospitals in the area for any recent patients with gunshot wounds.

Source WBAL

Monday, January 15, 2018

Snow Possible Tuesday Night, Wednesday Morning

RadioOnFire.com - A small chance of flurries on Monday will be followed by a chance for more accumulation Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning. 

WBAL's Ava Marie say two inches of snow could accumulate in Baltimore by Wednesday morning, making for some slippery roads. Higher amounts could be seen northwest of Baltimore. 

Snow is not expected to start Tuesday evening until after 6 p.m. and it should taper off around noon Wednesday.

Source WBAL

Friday, January 12, 2018

Home-Going Arrangements: Jeffrey G (We Rock Crew)

RadioOnFire.com - The home-going service for Jeffrey McClain aka (Jeffrey G) will take place Thursday, January 18th in Baltimore. The 52 year old Baltimore native was a member of the Baltimore Music Awards, Hall of Fame group 'The We Rock Crew'. 

Jeffrey G was a music pioneer who will be sorely missed. As a member of the legendary 80's Baltimore rap group 'The We Rock Crew', he inspired a city full of recording artist in the early days of hip-hop. "
Universe | Terry T and Jeffrey G (Rest in Peace)

"They were our (Baltimore) version of Run DMC." says radio host Diamond K. 

"Jeffrey G, Universe and Terry T showed me I could be from Baltimore and make records that got played on the radio. They were a big influence on me and my music career."

DJ Unique | Jeffrey G (Rest In Peace) | Terry T

In 2014 Diamond K sat down with Jeffrey G & Universe for an exclusive interview LISTEN

Join family and friends as we say goodbye 
Jeffrey McClain aka (Jeffrey G) 
March 16, 1965 - January 6, 2018

Home-Going Service
Thursday, January 18th at 11am 
Labourers for Jesus Church
24 s. Fulton Ave. 
Baltimore, Md. 21223

Action Movie Star Steven Seagal Accused Of Rape

RadioOnFire.com - An actress who says she filed a report with the LAPD about the matter last month has gone public with allegations that she was raped by action film star Steven Seagal during the making of his 1994 flick, 'On Deadly Ground.'

Regina Simons, 43, was an 18-year-old aspiring to break into Hollywood when she landed a part as an extra in the movie. She recounts Seagal getting touchy-feely during the day of her casting, saying he offered her a massage after she complained of having a headache.

Sometime later that year--1993, Simons claims she was invited to the actor's Beverly Hills home, noting when she got there, she was caught off guard by the fact that there was nobody else present.

“He took me into this room and then just closed the door and started kissing me,” Simons recounts. “He then took my clothes off, and before I knew it he was on top of me, raping me … I wasn’t sexually active yet. People always talk about fight-or-flight. But no one talks about the freeze.”

Simons says that she chose to keep the incident to herself and those closest to her, including a roommate who fielded Seagal's attempts to contact her at the time, until she finally managed to get him to stop calling. Along with that, Simons told her Mormon bishop, who has since corroborated her story.

Simons reportedly filed her report at around the same time former model Faviola Dadis, who has in the past publicly claimed she was groped by Seagal, officially filed her complaint with the LAPD. Simons and Dadis join a multitude of other women who have charged Seagal with sexual misconduct; Portia de Rossi, Julianna Margulies, and Jenny McCarthy among them.

Source: TheWrap

Facebook Is Making a Major Change to its News Feed

RadioOnFire.com - Facebook is making a major change to its News Feed, and will show you less stuff from publishers and more from your friends. Facebook has made similar moves before, but it is describing this one as a significant overhaul, made in response to mounting criticism. Publishers who depend on Facebook for eyeballs may be in trouble. But then again, publishers who depend on Facebook have always been in a precarious position

The shift is the most significant overhaul in years to Facebook’s News Feed, the cascading screen of content that people see when they log into the social network. Over the next few weeks, users will begin seeing fewer viral videos and news articles shared by media companies. Instead, Facebook will highlight posts that friends have interacted with — for example, a photo of your dog or a status update that many of them have commented on or liked. 

Meanwhile YouTube is also working on a change to make the site more friendly to advertisers, by highlighting "brand-safe" content — that will likely favor bigger publishers instead of YouTube natives like Logan Paul. [

Jermaine Dupri Opens Up About Janet Jackson, Bow Wow, Usher + More

RadioOnFire.com - Super producer Jermaine Dupri stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk about the Rap Game, Growing Up Hip Hop, sets the...